Dark Hours, The

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Dark Hours, The

In this taut psychological thriller, psychiatrist Samantha Goodman decides to spend a quiet weekend at her winter cottage with husband David and younger sister Melody. But a surprise visit by a former patient changes everything. Harlan Pyne is a violent sexual offender seeking twisted revenge for the treatment he received while in Samantha?s care. With no escape possible, Harlan and his accomplice Adrian force their victims to play a series of devious games, mirroring the psychological tests Samantha subjected him to in the asylum. On this night of terror, escape is not an option, the truth guarantees nothing and revenge will not necessarily be sweet

Directors: Paul Fox

Starring: Kate Greenhouse, Aidan Devine, Gordon Currie

Release Information

Label: 21st Century PicturesFormat: DVD
Rating:MAAudio: 5.1
Cat No:21ST080Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9333289002344 Runtime:90


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