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Catch Hell

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Catch Hell

Arriving on location to shoot a movie in a small town, famous and troubled young actor Reagan Pearce (Ryan Phillippe) is kidnapped by two thugs and driven to a remote tin shack in the middle of a swamp. Bound and gagged, Reagan watches on helplessly as these two mysterious men expose his innermost secrets to the world, effectively destroying his public image and career. After discovering the motive behind their kidnapping, Reagan realizes these backwoods goons have no intention of letting him go. Taking matters into his own hands, he orchestrates a violent escape that will leave more than just blood on his hands.

Directors: Ryan Phillippe

Starring: Ryan Phillippe, Tig Notaro, James DuMont, Joyful Drake

Release Information

Label: EagleFormat: DVD
Rating:MA15+Audio: 5.1
Cat No:EAG3184Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9327031018134 Runtime:93