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Box, The

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Box, The

For Finn Williams and his friends, a typical night out involves hotties, cold beers, and a stack of poker chips. But tonight it?s just the boys, as they celebrate their buddy Tommy, who?s off to Spain for a year. All things said, it?s a pretty uneventful night. That is, until three men armed with heavy weapons burst in, looking for millions in stolen money. By night?s end, only two men are left standing: Finn and one of the robbers. Now, it?s up to two hard-nosed homicide detectives seeking answers to interrogate them, as they try to piece together what happened. Everyone has a story, everyone has an agenda, but the truth will be revealed inside The Box.

Directors: A.J. Kparr

Starring: Gabrielle Union, Giancarlo Esposito, Mia Maestro, Yul Vazquez

Release Information

Label: 21st Century PicturesFormat: DVD
Rating:MAAudio: 5.1
Cat No:21ST133Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9333289003747 Runtime:95