Exploding Sun

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Exploding Sun

The world watches in awe as the first commercial space shuttle is launched on its maiden voyage around the moon. Among the passengers on board are the President's wife and a very lucky lottery winner. But while en route, a massive solar flare sparks a cosmic-ray burst that accelerates the ship away from the Earth's orbit. Now out of control, it's hurtling straight for the sun. The danger becomes cataclysmic when it's discovered that the event is triggering a much larger solar storm that could send the Earth back into the Stone Age. Now, preparing for the inevitable seems the last-and only-terrifying option.

Directors: Michael Robison

Starring: David James Elliott, Anthony Lemke, Julia Ormond

Release Information

Label: EagleFormat: DVD
Rating:MAudio: 2.1
Cat No:EAG2767Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9327031013962 Runtime:121