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Golden Lotus, The - Repackaged

Shaw Brothers presents: There have been many film versions of The Golden Lotus, the most erotic novel in Chinese history, but none have combined artistry with sensuality as successfully in this 1974 classic. Director Li Han-Hsiang, already famous for his historical epics and modern sex comedies, outdoes himself in this recounting of the sexual exploits of a Sung Dynasty Lothario 900 years ago. Hsi Men-Ching (Yeung Kwan) already has one wife and three concubines, but that doesn't stop him from coveting his neighbors' wife, nor from murdering and corrupting in order to conqueror the objects of his desire. And what 'objects' they are, including three of the Hong Kong screen's sexiest stars: Hu Chin, Chen Ping, and Tanny Tien Ni. And talk about outrageous - one of them is married to a dwarf nicknamed '3 Inch Ding.' The Golden Lotus shows that when it comes to lust, the Sung Dynasty wasn't the least bit coy or conservative.

Directors: Li Han-Hsiang

Starring: Yeung Kwan, Tanny Tien Ni, Hu Chin, Chen Ping, Liu Wu-chi, Tien Ching, Wang Lai, Chang Nan, Shih Tien Chen Yuan--Lung, Hsia Wen, Hsu Yu, Ku Chiu-chin, Chiang Ling, Hsia Ping, Liu Hui-ling, Chin Hsin

Release Information

Label: SirenFormat: DVD
Genre:Martial ArtsPackage:Amaray
Rating:RAudio: Stereo
Cat No:SVE0618Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9330080006182 Runtime:94


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