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Devil Seed

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Devil Seed

Free living college student Alexandra while drinking with her roommates agrees to see a psychic in the hope of learning about her future with her boyfriend Brian. But something goes wrong during the reading. The following day with little memory of the previous night's events Alex notices that her senses are heightened. She starts to hear things and eventually hallucinate. When violent scratch marks appear on her body she seeks help from her friends who are incapable of understanding the gravity of the situation. As her condition deteriorates she learns of a professor who has had experience in dealing with supernatural afflictions. With the help of his father can they save Alex before the evil entity uses her body as a gateway into our world?

Directors: Greg A. Sager

Starring: Michelle Argyris, Shantelle Canzanese, Vanessa Broze

Release Information

Label: AccentFormat: DVD
Rating:MA15+Audio: 5.1
Cat No:ACC0268Aspect:1.85:1
UPC: 9333723002688 Runtime:108