Daylight Fades

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Daylight Fades

Hearts Break. Lives End. The Sun Always Rises. Elizabeth and Johnny, each of whose pasts have been sorrowful, find salvation in each the other. Theirs is a romance that knows no bounds until an accident leaves one in a coma and their burgeoning love ripped apart. Enter the guarded Seth who has been keeping a watch over the shattered Elizabeth. He resolves to do what it takes to save Johnny even if that means the only way to prolong his life, which hangs in the balance, is by turning him into a vampire. Shot in Memphis Tennessee from a reinvigorating fresh perspective, Daylight Fades conjures a heartbreaking experience of love found and lost and reborn, the depths of despair and the profound connections we break in the mending of our hearts.

Directors: Brad Ellis

Starring: Matthew Stiller, Rachel Miles, Allen Gardner

Release Information

Label: AccentFormat: DVD
Rating:MAAudio: Stereo
Cat No:ACC0231Aspect:2.35:1
UPC: 9333723002312 Runtime:90