Bunnyman Massacre

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Bunnyman Massacre

Based on the infamous true story of the masked figure who hid in the shadows, searching for his next victim, dressed in a rabbit mask to hide his disfigured face. His name is The Bunnyman. Locals thought it was just old stories, hoaxes and wild imagination until the bodies started appearing. Driving through remote regions of California, a group of friends on a road trip to Vegas are forced into a frightening game of cat and mouse with a five tonne truck. When looking for help they make the mistake of knocking on the door of a nearby old house, the house where the Bunnyman lives, they must then fight against becoming the next chapter in the terrifying story of the iconic psychopath in the bunny suit and chain saw. A horror movie mix of Duel and Texas Chain Saw Massacre, not all bunny rabbits are cute!!

Directors: Carl Lindbergh

Starring: Cheryl Texiera, Matthew Albrecht

Release Information

Label: 101 FilmsFormat: DVD
Rating:MA15+Audio: 2.1
Cat No:101FILMSAUS004Aspect:16:9
UPC: 5037899055816 Runtime:85