Brotherhood Of Evil

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Brotherhood Of Evil

An ancient artifact in the form of a demonic cane unleashes a reign of unmistakable evil upon humanity in this pulse-pounding thriller. After up-and-coming PR exec David Goodman (Edward Furlong) is passed over for a promotion at work and blinded by a seemingly random attack in the street, he's willing to do anything to see again. Enter Guillermo List (Michael Madsen), a shadowy acolyte of hell who promises to restore David's eyesight and ensure his climb up the corporate ladder if the Desperate young man will pay the ultimate price: his soul. David gains power, but the cane threatens his loved ones and himself, and his wife (Chandra West) is terrified of him. Can he stop the evil he has released into the world?

Directors: Michael Bafaro

Starring: Edward Furlong, Michael Madsen, Chandra West

Release Information

Label: Select DVDFormat: DVD
Rating:MAAudio: Stereo
Cat No:SEL002Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9341005000024 Runtime:91