Big Ass Spider! (BD)

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Big Ass Spider! (BD)

Exterminator Alex is taken to hospital after ironically, being bitten by one of the spiders he was sent out to exterminate. While Alex flirts with the nurses in the recovery ward, a corpse is wheeled into the hospital; a corpse that unbeknownst to the doctors and nurses, is harbouring a new military experiment - a bio-engineered spider. When Major Tanner discovers the threat, he orders the hospital to be placed under tight quarantine - but that doesn't hold the fast moving, rapidly-growing, venom spewing arachnid for long, and soon the entire city of Los Angeles is under attack! With the military hopelessly outclassed, Alex teams up with security guard José, and, armed with rifles, shotguns, and a giant rolled up newspaper, the pair of unlikely heroes set out to save the world and squash the BIG ASS SPIDER once and for all!

Directors: Mike Mendez

Starring: Greg Grunberg, Ray Wise, Clare Kramer

Release Information

Label: Monster PicturesFormat: Blu-ray
Rating:MA15+Audio: 5.1
Cat No:BF488BAspect:16:9
UPC: 9342424004884 Runtime:85