Franklin and Friends: Polar Explorer

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Franklin and Friends: Polar Explorer

When Franklin's Great Aunt Harriet's heirloom key opens a special Navigation Bar, the coordinates send Franklin and his parents on an adventure that will take them all the way to the North and South Pole! With a husky Polar Bear Ranger as their host to the Artic and the navigation bar as their map, the Turtle family embarks on a mysterious journey, leading them to many adventures and incredible sights. Along the way they meet up with an excitement seeking, fast sliding and fun loving Penguin named Pip who joins them for the ride.

Directors: Lynn Reist

Starring: Camden Angelis, Dan Chameroy, William Healy, Helen King

Release Information

Label: JigsawFormat: DVD
Rating:GAudio: 2.1
Cat No:J8071Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9418212018071 Runtime:43