Christmas Comes Home

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Christmas Comes Home

Daniel's son Bobber needs to go to San Francisco for extensive orthopedic surgery and months of intensive physical therapy to recover from being struck down by a car. In San Francisco, Daniel meets and falls for Briony Adair, a physical rehabilitation specialist who will be working toward Bobber's recovery. When therapy progresses slowly, Bobber invites Briony to come home to Canaan to spend Christmas with his family and continue the treatment. Briony is a natural at caring for a thriving family, but Sarah, Daniel's daughter distances herself, not wanting to dishonour her late mother's memory. In the soul searching that follows, Daniel finds the strength to open his heart again and invite love back into his life.

Directors: Billy Ray Cyrus, Gina Holden

Starring: Neil Fearnley

Release Information

Label: Jigsaw EntertainmentFormat: DVD
Rating:PGAudio: 2.1
Cat No:J5766Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9418212015766 Runtime:88