Everything Will Be Fine

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Everything Will Be Fine

Established film director Jacob Falk is frantic and exhausted by an urgent deadline to finish writing a new screenplay. Excitement and joy shared with his wife Helena over their upcoming adoption can only momentarily calm his extreme stress. While driving home after a tense meeting with his producer, Falk is involved in a hit-and-run accident on a dark forest road on the outskirts of Copenhagen. He leaves a badly-wounded man lying on the road and rushes to a nearby gas station to anonymously report the accident. Inside the man's bag, Falk is shocked to find photographs of what appears to be foreign prisoners of war being tortured by Danish soldiers. When he confides in his sister Siri, who works for a Danish TV station, she warns him about the significance and dangers of possessing such photos. Falk becomes even more nervous when pressured for the source of the photos by a journalist. Falk begins to suspect a police coverup when he discovers that the accident has been listed as a false alarm -- no body was found along the forest road. When the photographs are stolen from his car, Falk becomes convinced of some kind of political conspiracy. Increasingly more paranoid and fearful, Falk falls into a frenetic chase to reveal the mystery behind the missing man and his photos. A writer-director known for becoming obsessed with his own stories, Falk discovers a truth more disturbing than he imagined...

Directors: Christoffer Boe

Starring: Jens Albinus, Paprika Steen, Marijana Jankovic

Release Information

Label: The Analogue TitlesFormat: DVD
Rating:MAAudio: 5.1
Cat No:AT1122Aspect:2.35:1
UPC: 9341005001366 Runtime:90