Black Shield of Falworth (Blu-ray)

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Black Shield of Falworth (Blu-ray)

In one of his earliest and most dashing performances, Tony Curtis pursues his real-life bride Janet Leigh, while defending the British throne in this swashbuckling saga filled with jousts, jests and medieval super heroics. Miles, a headstrong peasant is determined to learn the name of his slain father and discover his true heritage. His fiery ambition and swift sword lead him to the majestic MacWorth castle where he competes for both knighthood and the hand of the fair Lady Anne.

Directors: Rudolph Mate

Starring: Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Barbara Rush

Release Information

Label: Bounty FilmsFormat: Blu-ray
Rating:PGAudio: Stereo
Cat No:BF357BAspect:16:9
UPC: 9342424003573 Runtime:95
Release:24.05.2012Region:9 - ALL


Gorgeous 1080p transfer of the first cinemascope film shot in Technicolor