Big Ask, The

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Big Ask, The

Andrew is not dealing well with the death of his mother. He desperately needs some time away to reconnect with the world. Inviting his closest friends on a weeklong vacation in the desert Andrew hopes that through mountain hiking, some parlour games and sleeping with his three best friends' girlfriends, what's more, at once, he'll be better for the experience. Of course being upfront about a four-way group encounter causes a commotion. Each couple reacts to the proposal differently and over the course of the week some will implode, others will recoil and, for the opportunists it represents one crazy week where friendships are tested and redefined.

Directors: Thomas Beatty, Rebecca Fishman

Starring: David Krumholtz, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter

Release Information

Label: AccentFormat: DVD
Rating:MAudio: 5.1
Cat No:ACC0383Aspect:1.85:1
UPC: 9333723003838 Runtime:91