Animal Farm (Re-issue)

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Animal Farm (Re-issue)

Based on George Orwell?s book of the same name, ANIMAL FARM told the story of animals staging a coup, taking over the land from their tyrannical master Farmer Jones and discovering the pitfalls of social order. Led by Snowball and Napoleon, the two most intelligent pigs on Manor Farm; the animals set out to create a life of equality, harmony and prosperity. Life runs smoothly at first but gradually Napoleon sees the chance to seize power above and beyond the others. He orchestrates the removal of the altruistic Snowball and assumes control of the farm. ?Pig rule? is established with the animals finding themselves exploited once again. They dimly remember under the revolution that "all animals are equal"...though some obviously more so than others...

Directors: Joy Batchelor, John Halas

Starring: Gordon Heath, Maurice Denham

Release Information

Label: SirenFormat: DVD
Rating:GAudio: Stereo
Cat No:SVE0753Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9330080007530 Runtime:70


DOWN ON THE FARM ? BBC TV?s Tony Robinson (Blackadder) tells the story of Halas & Batchelor and how Animal Farm was made; Classroom notes & guidelines by David Self; Comic book, strip cartoon by key animator Harold Whitaker; Image gallery; Original animat