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American Gun

American Gun is a powerful series of interwoven storylines that bring to light how the proliferation of guns in America Dramatically affect and shape the every day lives of its citizens. The film opens at the start of another day in a Virginia gun store, where owner Carl, continues to sidestep controversy while running the shop he loves. His newest employee is his granddaughter Mary Ann. Despite her misgivings, curiosity overcomes her as she is slowly seduced by the weapons she sells. Across the country in Oregon, Janet is suffering through a television interview marking the third anniversary of her older son's high school shooting rampage and suicide. She worries for her younger son David who is now the same age his brother was when he committed the terrible acts. Meanwhile, Frank, a middle-aged deputy, watches the interview intently; still haunted by vicious accusations that he could have prevented the tragedy. In Chicago, principal Carl struggles to keep his violent inner-city high school from self-destructing. His wife Sara desperately fears for the safety of their young son. When ace student Jay is caught hiding a handgun, both principal and student find themselves facing decisions they never wanted to make.

Directors: Aric Avelino

Starring: Donald Sutherland, Marcia Gay Harden, Forest Whitaker

Release Information

Label: 21st Century PicturesFormat: DVD
Rating:MAAudio: 5.1
Cat No:21ST001Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9333289002771 Runtime:95