16 Years Of Alcohol

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16 Years Of Alcohol

Scottish writer and former vocalist for the punk band the Skids, Richard Jobson makes his directorial debut with 16 Years of Alcohol, the stylised psychological drama based on his own semi-autobiographical novel. Through voice-over narration and various flashback methods, troubled young man Frankie Mac (Kevin McKidd ? Trainspotting) recalls his childhood (played by Iain De Caestaecker as a boy) growing up in working-class Edinburgh. His father, who has always been an iconic figure to Frankie, is seen for the first time as a philandering liar. In his teenage years, Frankie leads a gang. They thrive on music, clothes and violence. A chance meeting with a young woman, Helen, introduces Frankie to a whole range of possibilities. He distances himself from the gang, which turns them against him, creating a fatal enemy in the shape of former gang member Miller (Stuart Sinclair Blyth). As his life starts to take a wrong turn, he falls back into the familiar pattern of violence and alcohol.

Directors: Richard Jobson

Starring: Kevin McKidd, Laura Fraser, Susan Lynch

Release Information

Label: 21st Century PicturesFormat: DVD
Rating:MAAudio: 5.1
Cat No:21ST050Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9333289002023 Runtime:97