Celebrity: Dominick Dunne (Re-release)

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Celebrity: Dominick Dunne (Re-release)

Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Dominick Dunne has become known the world over for his vociferous championing of the rights of the victim in high-profile murder cases. His powerful commentaries have made compelling reading in Vanity Fair for a quarter of a century. Now, aged 82, Dunne is about to embark on yet another chapter in his varied, courageous life. Covering his last murder trial for Vanity Fair ? the trial of music producer Phil Spector ? he reflects upon his past as a decorated World War II veteran, his rise and spectacular collapse as a Hollywood producer, and his rebirth as the writer we know today. Dominick Dunne leads us through his world of intrigue, showbiz, and the all-pervasive cult of celebrity.

Directors: Kirsty De Garis, Timothy Jolley

Starring: Dominick Dunne

Release Information

Label: Kojo PicturesFormat: DVD
Rating:MAudio: Stereo
Cat No:KPDV015Aspect:1.85:1
UPC: 9318500100153 Runtime:85


Interviews with directors Kirsty De Garis and Timothy Jolley; trailer