Class of Nuke 'em High Part 2 (BD)

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Class of Nuke 'em High Part 2 (BD)

Welcome to the Tromaville Institure of Technology, where a melt-down prone nuclear power-plant creates a hideously deformed but very positive thinking humangous mutant squirrels and abnoxious talking belly buttons with bad attitudes. In this incredibly bold adventure in gene-splicing, anarchy and terror rule the campus of Tromaville Tech as the students join forces with the subhumanoids to overthrow the insidious and hedonistic corporate slime responsible for a wave of malicious mutant meltdowns and massacres. Will peace and environmental hygiene ever be restored to the once-peaceful town of Tromaville?

Directors: Eric Louzil

Starring: Brick Bronsky, Lisa Gaye, Leesa Rowland

Release Information

Label: Select DVDFormat: Blu-ray
Rating:R18+Audio: 2.1
Cat No:SEL110Aspect:4:3
UPC: 9341005008242 Runtime:82