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Portly Wade is a happy guy. He likes to watch television, play video games and show off his HUGE ARSE CRACK! He likes his roommate, Brian, though Brian can barely tolerate the repugnant and blissful Wade and his repulsive belt line. When Brian's girlfriend, Annie, refuses to move in with him because of his roommate's baggy pant fetish, Brian gets a litttle mad and Wade accidentily gets a little dead. After the funeral, Wade's vengeful Voodoo goddess sister puts a curse on Brian and zombiefies Wade's ass, as well as the rest of him, to haunt and annoy Brian and his friends. Brian decides to enlist the spiritual aid of the bible banging Preacher Man Bob to help him ward off the evil undead "Buttcrack".

Directors: Jim Larsen

Starring: Mojo Nixon, Caleb Kreischer, Doug Ciskowski

Release Information

Label: Jigsaw EntertainmentFormat: DVD
Rating:MAAudio: Stereo
Cat No:J11492Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9418212011492 Runtime:68
Release:21.01.2011Region:9 - ALL