Girl Walks Into a Bar

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Girl Walks Into a Bar

A lot can happen in one night. Ten characters cross paths and intersect over the course of a summer night in Los Angeles. It begins when a dentist hires a detective posing as an assassin to knock off his unfaithful wife only with the plan to dupe the ?killer? out of the payment. This triggers a chain of events which soon overlap a network of eccentric night hawks from pickpockets to exotic dancers, philosophical excons and wannabe gangsters, crazy bartenders and loopy hatcheck girls each of whom has come to their own crossroads. A neon lit wilderness where nothing is what it seems, Girl Walks into a Bar offers a cornucopia of razor sharp dialogue and neo-noir scenes through lizard lounges, honkytonks, dive bars and one nudist ping pong club. Like a great joke the premise promises much and after this unpredictable journey delivers more than one punch line.

Directors: Sebastian Gutierrez

Starring: Carla Cugino, Rosarios Dawson, Danny De Vito, Josh Hartnett, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Alexis Biedel, Zachary Quintoi

Release Information

Label: AccentFormat: DVD
Rating:MAudio: Stereo
Cat No:ACC0233Aspect:1.85:1
UPC: 9333723002336 Runtime:88