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Ever imagined what life would be like if humans were apes in modern life? Aaaaaaaah! poses just such a question. Alpha Male, Smith and his Beta, Keith, make a move to take over a local community. They hook up with restless Female, Denise, igniting a deadly feud in which emotions run high and deep-seated grudges re-surface amongst the tribe. Shot entirely in a language of grunts and gibberish, Aaaaaaaah! is a celluloid primal scream - an anarchic, hilarious, disturbing and touching look at the human condition

Directors: Steve Oram

Starring: Steve Oram, Toyah Wilcox, Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Lucy Honigman, Alice Lowe, Holli Dempsey, Julian Rhined-Tutt

Release Information

Label: Monster PicturesFormat: DVD
Rating:R18+Audio: 5.1
Cat No:MP147Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9341005007627 Runtime:79


Carolla Cooks: a 10 min version of the cooking show you see at the beginning of the film with Shelley Longworth; PUB!: the full 5 min version of the sitcom that the characters are watching at the end of the film, stars Tony Way and Alice Lowe; The Cast Speaks; Audio commentary with Steve Oram