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El Topo

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El Topo

A landmark film that spawned a genre and defined the way a generation watched underground cinema. Championed by John Lennon El Topo started the ?midnight movies? phenomenon in 1970. Classic Americana and avant-garde European cinema sensibilities meet Zen Buddhism and the Bible as master gunfighter and cosmic mystic El Topo (played by Alejandro Jodorowsky) must defeat his four sharp-shooting rivals on an increasingly bizarre path to allegorical self-enlightenment and surreal resurrection. Special screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival on 3 August

Directors: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Starring: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Brontis Jodorowsky, Jos? Legarreta, Alfonso Arau, Jos? Luis Fern?ndez, Alf Junco

Release Information

Label: SirenFormat: DVD
Rating:RAudio: 5.1
Cat No:SVE0581Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9330080005819 Runtime:124


Optional commentary track by Director (Language: Spanish ) Optional Commentary Subtitles: English Bonus Material Original theatrical trailer (English V.O) 2006 on camera interview with Jodorowsky (Language English / English subtitles) Photo Gallery / Orig