Car's Life 2

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Car's Life 2

Sparky is a high-spirited sports car who's sick of his boring life. He wants to hit the highway and explore the world, but first Sparky needs a GPS. Then earn some money and buy one, demands his father. Only problem is: there aren't many jobs in El Coche. Desperate to break free, Sparky agrees to work at Diesels Greasy Springs Circus, a cruel coliseum where cars are pitted against each other in battle-to-the-death contests. When Sparky ends up racing for his life on the Wheel of Misfortune while all of El Coche looks on in horror, he realises that there are fates worse than boredom.

Directors: Michael Schelp

Starring: Corinne Orr, Sean Schemmel, Jean Richards

Release Information

Label: Jigsaw EntertainmentFormat: DVD
Rating:GAudio: 2.1
Cat No:J28969Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9326314028969 Runtime:77