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Ava & Lala

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Ava & Lala

Ava is a mischievous young girl and martial arts student who really knows how to pack a punch! One day she meets Lala, a cuddly and kind tiger-like creature, and they discover they can talk to each other. She runs away from her village to join Lala in a mystical kingdom of wonderful animals, where they befriend a huge bear with a heart of gold. Uncle Bear tells them they must leave the kingdom before the fierce Tiger General finds out they're there. Uncle Bear is determined to help Ava escape, but when Lala is captured it's up to Ava and Uncle Bear to rescue him in time to get Ava safely back home.

Directors: Michael Shear

Starring: Tom Arnold (voice), JK Simmons (voice), Mira Sorvino (voice), George Takei (voice)

Release Information

Label: EagleFormat: DVD
Rating:PGAudio: 5.1
Cat No:EAG2990Aspect:16:9
UPC: 9327031016192 Runtime:75