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Practical Jokers Meet Their Match in Don't Hang Up


Reality catches up with a couple of pranksters in Don't Hang Up. The new horror film is out on DVD October 18 through Mandala Films.

Directed by Damien Macè and Alexis Wajsbrot, Don't Hang Up is largely confined to one location in its spare accumulation of tense details. A couple of brats love to get drunk and make prank calls. Brady and the appropriately named Sam Fuller record the random calls they make for posterity so that they can upload all of their material onto the internet at a later date, much to the chagrin of their victims. They get a kick out of the scares and havoc they wreak on the unsuspecting.

Little do they know that they are about to become victims themselves. One evening the two friends receive a call from a mysterious stranger, a Mr Lee, who seems to know everything about Sam and Brady, including a chilling familiarity with their families and friends. Soon the tables are turned and they are both trapped in a sadistic game. The stakes couldn't be any higher as they play for their lives as they eventually come to the slow, panicked realisation, however, that there appears to be no real way to win.

Katie Walsh writing in the Los Angeles Times notes that “It's a taut, if somewhat hysterical, cycle of bait and switch, twists and turns, retribution, vengeance and mental torture payback for immature mind games with deadly results.”

Reel Film Reviews acclaims the film for its “stylish, Fincheresque directorial choices.”

Film School Rejects calls Don't Hang Up “a thrilling and suspenseful little morality tale.”