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Archive for October 2017

Archive for October 2017

Acclaimed post-apocalyptic movie out next month +


The Survivalist, a highly regarded film from the UK will receive a DVD release through Eagle Entertainment. A thriller from talented first time director Stephen Fingleton, it will be available November 22. Starvation is rife. Strangers are always dangerous. Nature has reclaimed the world. The titular character (Martin McCann) ... more

Practical Jokers Meet Their Match in Don't Hang Up +


Reality catches up with a couple of pranksters in Don't Hang Up. The new horror film is out on DVD October 18 through Mandala Films. Directed by Damien Macè and Alexis Wajsbrot, Don't Hang Up is largely confined to one location in its spare accumulation of tense details. A couple ... more

New Acclaimed Doco Invites You to Take a Shower with Hitchcock +


Monster Pictures will release the DVD of 78/52 on October 18. Directed by Alexandre O. Philiippe, the documentary is a tribute to the now infamous shower scene sequence from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. The title refers to the number of set-ups and cuts in the two minute shower scene in the ... more