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New Doco Offers Disturbing Portrait of Mental Disintegration


Directed by Australian Jai Love, Dead Hands Dig Deep, a new documentary focusing on the extreme former metal vocalist Edwin Borsheim, is getting a release on DVD. After its Slamdance premiere and a short theatrical run locally, Monster Pictures will make it available to buy on September 20.

Kettle Cadaver, a short-lived heavy metal band fronted by Borsheim, quickly earned itself a cult following and infamous reputation on the back of his bizarre stage antics and brutal self-mutilation. Nearly 20 years after it disbanded and he disappeared, Borsheim is tracked down to the California desert where he lives isolated as a recluse on an acre of land in a creepy compound. His existence is one of drug abuse and self-destruction.

Raised in an area ravaged by heroin abuse and poverty, his dark past, one marked by abuse, suicide and tragedy, is soon revealed. Those closest to him dissect his mental complexes. Borsheim's home is like a nightmare exhibit. The “dark house” is composed of horrible artefacts and he provides a guided tour, spewing bile at the camera and threats when not recalling cruel events from his life in a monotone. He is even in possession of an effigy of his ex-wife Eva O, herself the former girlfriend of late serial killer Richard Ramirez.

Filmink calls it “a perceptive look at a man in constant psychological crisis.”

The Hollywood Reporter describes it as “a tough watch, but tougher to shake.”

The DVD includes Monster Fest Q&A; Sydney Underground Film Festival Round table; Kettle Cadaver Music Videos; Archival Footage; trailers and more.