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Ryan Phillippe stars and directs bloody swamp thriller


Catch Hell a new thriller from Eagle Entertainment will be out on DVD September 27. It marks the directorial debut for star Ryan Phillippe, who plays a version of himself in this taut, independent set against a swamp in Louisiana.

Phillippe is Reagan Pearce – take note of the initials – who arrives in a small town to shoot a low budget movie whose location suggests it is being made for the tax rebate as much for its atmosphere. He's troubled, on the downward slide of a once promising career, well known enough but on the way out.

Believing he is being transported to the set by teamsters he is kidnapped by a pair of thugs who transport him to a remote tin shack out on the bayou. Bound and gagged, Reagan watches on helplessly as these two mysterious men hack into his twitter account and expose his innermost secrets to the world. His public image and career in ruins.

One of the men, a security guard (Ian Barford) is an aggrieved husband, the other his deranged nephew Junior (Stephen Grush), who dishes out beatings with a “gator thumper” and is repressing some aggressive urges. When Reagan realises his captors have no intention of letting him go he is forced to take matters into his own hands, orchestrating a violent escape.

“Phillippe balances a patient and deliberate pace in constructing certain scenes,” notes Slant Magazine, 'with abrasively succinct montages tinged with a gonzo weirdness.”

“Catch Hell shines as a gritty slice of Southern horror and as a look at a culture obsessed with celebrity identity and social media,” raves Andrew McArthur at Culture Fix.