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Amusing psychological thriller bound for cult status


Eagle Entertainment is pleased to release the acclaimed Riley Stearns feature film Faults. The psychological thriller will arrive on DVD September 20. The New York Times calls it “twisting, winningly unsettling.”

A deprogrammer by the name of Ansel Roth (Leland Oser from The Guest), one of the world's foremost experts on mind control, is hired by the parents of Claire (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), to kidnap her from a cult she has joined. Holding her captive in a motel room where he begins the challenging process of breaking her spell, Ansel, himself, is an ambivalent figure with a recently failed marriage, growing debts to a creditor and the unenviable task of flogging his latest book at backwater locales.

Throw in Claire's rigid father (Chris Ellis), a none-too-helpful intimidating presence and Faults poises itself for catharsis. It delivers. At heart a taut two hander in which the battle of wills hinges on the fluidity of Claire's roleplay as victim and zealous believer, the movie alternates between the foreboding and funny, as it builds to a dreaded climax.

Jon Gries and Lance Reddick are also on hand to add gravitas to the plot developments.

Slant Magazine notes “the film reveals itself to be every bit as sinister as the similarly motel-bound Bug.”

“Faults is a strangely funny, often eerie accomplishment, “writes William Goss in The Playlist, “and it's a testament to why people like us tend to call first features like this promising.”

Time Out New York calls it, “mordantly funny.”