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Get ready for Rot, a movie you can't prepare for


Rot from director Dorian Weinzimmer is a new revenge thriller not for the feint of heart. Dread Central calls it “purely polluted fun.” You might need to take a bath after viewing it.

Les (co-writer Brant McCrea) after years spent wrongfully incarcerated in prison gets released and embarks on a bloody minded search through Chicago's back alleys, rock clubs and sex clubs for the man who slaughtered his mother and robbed him of his soul. Known, in certain circles, as 'the Ghoul', Les resumes a personal conflict with local crime boss Elion (Jonez Jones). Detective Dave Simmons (Dave Cartwright) who arrested Les plans to avenge the man who killed his partner. With his own shoddy practices he initiates his own unlawful pursuit of the ex-convict and his girlfriend (Shira Barber) who just wants to get the hell out of town.

Aided by enigmatic benefactors, Les delves into a modern miasma of corruption, sin and inequity. What unfolds is a desperate tale of brute force and tragedy set against a supernatural underworld, where the heroes are reduced to freaky incarnations, villains envisage their own demise, while the notions of good and evil prove to be complicated concepts.
Coarsely shot, explosively acted, enigmatically edited, it's an immediate down and dirty experience that won't leave viewers indifferent.

Aint it Cool News raves about Rot. “It's a film that smashes genres together like an epileptic expressionist painter and unapologetically represents the Chicago underground scene better than any other.”

Rot is out on DVD through Monster Pictures September 20.