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B-movie classics make it onto high definition


The Class of Nuke 'Em High and its sequel The Class of Nuke 'Em High 2 are set for release on Blu-ray. That's right. Troma is on high definition. Batten down the hatches for as both will be widely available at retail on August 23.

“Tromaville bills itself as 'The Toxic Waste Capital of the World.' In this day and age, such a claim must be taken on faith, though Troma's films supply a lot of convincing evidence.” Vincent Canby once wrote wryly in the New York Times.

The premise is simple: the radioactive waste spilled from a nuclear power plant ends up in the wacky tobacky delinquent students buy from a violent gang called The Cretins. It's when cheerleader Chrissy and her beau Warren smoke the tainted marijuana that they begin a sudden process of mutation. She falls pregnant and gives birth to a diabolical creature while he changes into a violent, intimidating hulk. When the slug baby escapes underground in the toxic waste pools it grows into an enormous blood thirsty monster looking to feed on the student body. As they say that slimy monster stalking the corridors isn't the principal.

Richard W. Haines and Michael Herz work under the watchful influence of Lloyd Kaufman as the credited filmmakers on this highly successful Troma production.

Janelle Brady, Gilbert Brenton and Robert Pritchard can be considered the principal members of the cast. The cheap, fun and audacious effects, however, are perhaps the real attraction.

“A nutty, nostalgic treat” claims the online bible of all things cool in entertainment Pop Matters. “In the long history of Troma masterworks, few are as outright successful (and satisfying) as The Class of Nuke 'Em High.”

The sequel moves to the Tromaville Institute of Technology, where the same nuclear power plant loses its load to further the adventures in gene splicing, anarchy and comic schlock.

Film Pulse notes “cheesy B horror fans should still get some enjoyment out of this great piece of trash.” As should you.