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An Australian thriller ready to be rediscovered in high definition


Glass Doll Films will release The Survivor on Blu-ray. The supernatural thriller, once the most expensive film ever made in Australia, will be available August 23.

Directed by lauded British actor David Hemmings, perhaps best known for his lead role in Michaelangelo Antonioni's Blow Up, The Survivor combines the supernatural with a disaster picture and includes a top notch cast headlined by Robert Powell, a pilot whose 747 crashes to the ground within minutes of take-off.
The resulting fire ensures he is the only survivor. Tormented by guilt, he desperately tries to unravel the mystery behind the crash and the series of sinister, unnatural events which surround the catastrophe. Was it a bomb? How does the apparition of a little girl fit in? The cast includes Jenny Agutter, Angela Punch McGregor and Joseph Cotton (The Third Man), appearing in his final film.

The Australian production which cost over $1 million in 1980 offers a spectacular crash and is owed a debt by M. Night Shyamalan whose own films, specifically Unbreakable would appear to have been designed from lifting several crucial plot points from the script by David Ambrose, adaptation of the book from horror maestro James Herbert (Haunted).

TV Guide calls it a “surprisingly effective film that evokes a truly eerie mood.” observes The Survivor has “a number of unusual elements which may recommend it to fans of supernaturally tinged horror.”

The Blu-ray, a first for the Australian territory, includes an audio commentary with Anthony Ginnane, a Des Mangan feature introduction and on-set interviews with Hemmings, Powell and Punch-McGreggor. Also includes never before seen behind the scenes Super 8 footage, poster gallery and collector's booklet by John Harrison.