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Ving Rhames and Mischa Barton make this new thriller a must


Feature Films is releasing the action-thriller Operator. With a stellar cast that includes Luke Goss, Mischa Barton, Michael Pare and Ving Rhames the DVD will be available August 23.

When the daughter of veteran 911 call centre operator Pamela (Mischa Barton) and her estranged husband Jeremy (Luke Goss), a Senior Police Officer, is kidnapped and held hostage, they are left desperate, with no choice but to follow the kidnapper's rules: send messages through dispatch for all police and fire units to scatter to remote locations throughout the city where they are met with chaos.

Not knowing why they have been targeted or whose bidding they are at the mercy of, the one thing they do know is if they fail to discreetly collaborate with one another they will be solely responsible for facilitating the biggest crime in the city's history. Now they must race against the clock to make the choice of their lives to save the city or save their daughter. It's a tough bind.
Alternating place between the call centre where Pamela receives her instructions and the field where her cop hubby careens from one location to the next on a dangerous wild goose chase, Operator is a sincere, old fashioned thriller from directors Amariah and Obin Olson.

A loud movie with fast paced action scenes, explosive hardware and emotional turmoil, Operator promises to be a sleeper hit for fans of the genre.