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The Eyes of My Mother is here to haunt your nightmares


The atmospheric chiller The Eyes of My Mother is set for release from Monster Pictures. Written and directed by Nicolas Pesce the 5 star “exquisite creepshow” per Time Out will land on Blu-ray and DVD June 21.

Shot in cobalt black and white at an airy remove The Eyes of My Mother takes its cues from the lonely young woman, Francisca, a kind of Kasper Hauser figure, whose life changes drastically when tragedy strikes. “Never go in the barn,” she is warned by her mother. The film, as it plays out, in three striking chapters titled sparingly 'Mother', 'Father' and 'Family' evokes a nightmare world from an innocent child's perspective. The descent point withheld masterfully to suspend the narrative in a very real nightmare.

Taking in the lessons her Portuguese mother teaches of St Francis of Assissi, whereby all creatures should be treated with kindness, Francisca is a wide-eyed devotional to her mother who we learn is a surgeon with a temperament to match transplanted to farm life in the American Midwest.

Pesce drip feeds enough background information while eliding definitive expositional elements to set up what becomes a macabre and grisly world once Francisca reaches adulthood (portrayed with nascent psychosis by Kika Magalhaes).

Variety calls it “the stuff of very beautiful nightmares.”

Jonathan Rothkopf in Time Out New York raves. “Dreamlike and terrifying, Nicolas Pesce's debut suggests a filmmaker who knows his horror classics intimately.”

Noel Murray in The Playlist writes, “It's intense as hell, and a supreme example of how the morally repugnant can be made to look weirdly beautiful.”