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Fear Inc. brings together a greatest hits of horror moments


A midnight premiere at the Tribecca Film Festival helped announce Vincent Masciale's Fear Inc. to the world. Eagle Entertainment will release the horror film on dual formats June 21.

Lucas Neff is Joe Foster, a new Los Angeles transplant. In between jobs he lays about the house and even plays beer pong solo. A recent trip with his girlfriend (Caitlin Stasey) to a haunted house attraction leaves him cold. Not long after he is approached by a creepy stranger who offers him the card for Fear Inc. Joe has heard rumours of the mysterious organisation which offers a premium service to bring your fears to frightening life.

The company promises to customise its services to the user's taste meaning Joe won't even have to leave his own home. That suits slacker Joe. But as the Fear Inc. experience commences things promptly go from light hearted to uncomfortably realistic for the horror film fanatic and his three friends.

In its review online horror journal Culture Crypt notes “earnest homage to modern horror classics, entertaining if synched performances, and some nailbiter setups of suspense, make for a cheeky crowd-pleaser of surprise shocks and humorous horror.”

Bloody Disgusting raves, “Neff is hysterical, and almost single-handedly makes the film watchable, while the rest of the cast elevate themselves to his energy.”

Fear Inc. also stars Abigail Breslin and Naomi Grossman.