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Kidnapping goes wrong in horror House on Willow Street


Eagle Entertainment is releasing The House on Willow Street on Blu-ray and DVD. The South African supernatural thriller is out in Australia May 17.

Directed by Alistair Orr, the film commences with a quartet of kidnappers abducting the daughter (Carlyn Burchell) of a wealthy diamond distributor. After the kidnapping is complete the motley group led by Hazel (Sharney Vinson) bring the girl, Katherine, to their rundown hideout. But something seems ajar with the abducted girl and it's not just her bloodshot eyes.

Yep, it's not too long before the kidnappers realise they are not the worst thing in the room.

As they are about to bargain for the ransom money they are unaware that the girl has recently been the subject of an exorcism gone awry and there are no survivors left to pay for her safe return.
A demon that has taken possession of Katherine soon makes its presence felt. In an abandoned warehouse the kidnappers are suddenly being plagued by their own demons and ultimately made to bargain for their own souls.

An inventive genre mash up with plenty of twists The House of Willow Street offers a terrifying monster, some cheap laughs and some in your face effects. Horror authority Kim Newman writes of filmmaker Orr, “he's clearly shaping up as a committed genre auteur, and has a tone of cool ideas.”

Screen Anarchy calls it “a handsome film.” The Hollywood Reporter raved, “director/editor Orr orchestrating the outrageously violent mayhem with admirable proficiency. The creatures are particularly imaginative often sporting grotesque tentacles that will effectively curb any appetite you have for calamari.”