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Archive for May 2017

Archive for May 2017

The Eyes of My Mother is here to haunt your nightmares +


The atmospheric chiller The Eyes of My Mother is set for release from Monster Pictures. Written and directed by Nicolas Pesce the 5 star “exquisite creepshow” per Time Out will land on Blu-ray and DVD June 21. Shot in cobalt black and white at an airy remove The Eyes of ... more

Fear Inc. brings together a greatest hits of horror moments +


A midnight premiere at the Tribecca Film Festival helped announce Vincent Masciale's Fear Inc. to the world. Eagle Entertainment will release the horror film on dual formats June 21. Lucas Neff is Joe Foster, a new Los Angeles transplant. In between jobs he lays about the house and even plays ... more

Kidnapping goes wrong in horror House on Willow Street +


Eagle Entertainment is releasing The House on Willow Street on Blu-ray and DVD. The South African supernatural thriller is out in Australia May 17. Directed by Alistair Orr, the film commences with a quartet of kidnappers abducting the daughter (Carlyn Burchell) of a wealthy diamond distributor. After the kidnapping is ... more

Personal awakening becomes a desert journey in Sky +


Personal redemption taken in reaction to existential relationship crises spurs the Southwest desert drama Sky, from the acclaimed French director Fabienne Berthaud. Sky is out on DVD May 24 thanks to Bounty Films. Stale married French tourists Romy (Diane Kruger) and Richard (Gilles Lellouche) are holidaying in California desert retreat ... more