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The highly acclaimed Aquarius arrives on DVD


Hailed by critics and nominated for the prestigious Palme d'or at the Cannes Film Festival Aquarius from Brazilian writer-director Kleber Mendonça Filho will receive a DVD release from Rialto Pictures. Having enjoyed a national theatrical release in select cinemas the drama about a 65 year old retired music critic is out May 24.

Sonia Braga is cast as Clara, a widow and former journalist born into a wealthy and traditional family in Recife, Brazil. She is the last resident of the Aquarius, an original two-story building, built in the 1940s, in the upper-class, seaside Boa Viagem Avenue. The neighbouring apartments have all been acquired by a property development company which already has plans in place for her apartment.

Clara has pledged to only leave her place upon her death, prepared as she is to engage in a cold war with the company until that time. The underhand tactics of the company to push her out spark a conflict within her and soon memories of her past ignite as she begins dwelling on her loved ones and what it means to ignore the promise of a better future.

Filho's debut feature Neighbouring Sounds displayed his aptitude for exploring the fragile psychological malaise and paranoia of Brazil's affluent middle class. Aquarius takes it one step further meditating on the negative impact of urban regeneration, the keepsakes that define who we are and what we lose of our families in the name of progress.

Pop Matters in its review observes “the focus here is on place, atmosphere, and the emotional and physical skirmish zones that grow up between family and neighbors in close quarters.”

Jonathan Romney writing for Sight and Sound notes,“Braga's imposing tender, sometimes playfully mannered performance should by rights have earned her a nomination for the Best Actress award at Cannes.”

Recognised for over forty international awards including Best Film at the Sydney Film Festival, Aquarius is one of the year's most acclaimed films.