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The Greasy Strangler contender for weirdest movie ever


There's not a lot that can prepare audiences for this strange whatzit indie comedy. Do know it has a pedigree not to be sneezed at. The Greasy Strangler took Sundance by storm where it premiered to rave reviews last year. It has gone on to wow audiences at film festivals across the world, not to mention freak out a few of the gamer film critics. On March 22 Monster Pictures is releasing it on Blu-ray and DVD.

Directed by Jim Hosking, The Greasy Strangler is a kaleidoscope of depravity at once repulsive and sweet natured. It has also been described as a one film midnight movie movement for how it has singlehandedly revived a subgenre recently bastardised by online streaming. Parts comedy, horror and love story the film is most of all homage to cinematic mayhem. Big Ronnie (Michael St. Michaels) runs a tour of former disco landmarks in Los Angeles with his son Big Brayden (Sky Elobar). When a sassy young thing named Janet (Elizabeth De Razzo) appears one day on their tour it sets off a fierce rivalry between father and son for her affections. It also heralds the appearance of an oily, slimy, inhuman maniac who stalks the streets at night, strangling the innocent. This is the beast known as the Greasy Strangler.

The Greasy Strangler lathers its body and mega penis in layers of grease and oil before it sets out on its nightly raids to slaughter. Big Brayden suspects his irascible father might be the Strangler all the while now involved in an inhouse family conflict of duplicity and emotional violence.

Yes, and there is excessive inappropriate nudity, depraved sexual imagery and fart gags. If they can be called gags.

The New York Times has called it “a contender for the title of Weirdest Movie Ever.”

Katie Walsh writing for the Los Angeles Times writes “it's just so odd it deserves to be lauded for simply existing.”

Dennis Harvey notes in Variety that The Greasy Strangler is “awesomely pure in its numbing, repetitious determination to annoy.”