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New splatter fest vampire comedy a must for fans of the genre


Mitchell Altieri, one half of the Butcher Brothers, the low budget filmmaking team that brought visceral realism to horror festivals with such films as The Hamiltons, has struck out on his own with The Night Watchmen. The horror comedy about three inept security guards who are confronted by a horde of hungry vampires on the nightshift is out on DVD March 22 thanks to Feature Films.

It's an average day at a Baltimore newspaper where three mediocre night watchmen are taking a new guy on an orientation. When the body of a dead Romanian is delivered to the address by mistake it attracts a group of bloodsuckers. It's a simple premise made thrilling by the bumbling antics of the titular characters who are aided by a fearless tabloid journalist in defending the building.

What ensues is an epic battle to save their lives and the city of Baltimore. There's dynamic stunts, plenty of gore accented by arterial sprays and hilarious one-liners from a talented cast displaying deft chemistry. It includes James Remar, Ken Arnold, Dan DeLuca, Kevin Jiggetts, Kara Luiz and Matt Servitto.

The Night Watchmen is a must for fans of splatter and horror-comedy.