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With great power comes drunkeness in American Hero


Eagle Entertainment will release American Hero starring Stephen Dorff on DVD and Blu-ray. The comedy will be available to buy and rent from February 15.

Melvin (Dorff) is a drunk, deadbeat dad blessed with telekinetic powers he has been supressing for years with booze, drugs and loose women. Although he has failed to live up to his potential it's his son who has been failed the most. Having been denied visitation rights to his son and avoiding a near brush with death Melvin decides to at once clean up his act and the streets of New Orleans with the help of his best friend Lucille (Eddie Griffin), a wheelchair bound army vet.

Written and directed by Nick Love, American Hero is a faux documentary meets a shaggy dog story. The film ambles about much like the intoxicated eponymous character with many of the speaking parts directly addressing the camera on occasion. A haunting score is produced by Lorne Balfe and the post-Katrina locations and atmosphere is palpable. Ultimately this is a showcase for Dorff and Griffin who revel in their parts. Dorff was born to play the flunky shirking his responsibilities, as both a hero and father figure.

Screen Relish notes “In the supporting role, Griffin is a hoot as the best friend/sidekick providing much of this film's wittiest moments.”

Nicholas Bell writing for IONCINEMA observes, “Stephen Dorff gives a committed, engaging performance and his Melvin is one of many examples in his filmography of the actor's scruffy, perpetually stylized bed-headed anti-heroes.”