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Sundance smoky Trash Fire puts the comedy into black


“Smartly acted and cut like a razor, Trash Fire keeps overturning expectations left and right,” hails Jeremy Kibler in leading international genre journal Diabolique Magazine. Bounty Films will release the Trash Fire on DVD. The black comedy starring Adrian Grenier (Entourage) is out February 15.

Directed by Richard Bates Jr, Trash Fire focuses on an alcoholic misanthrope who goes by the name of Owen (Grenier). Owen is prone to pranks and seizures. His long suffering girlfriend, Isabel, played by Angela Trimbur, is sexually disinterested but cannot find it in her heart to leave. In a last gasp effort to salvage Owen, she forces him to visit the grandmother (Fionnula Flannagan) and disfigured sister (Annalynne McCord) he has abandoned since a family tragedy – a tragedy he was the origin of that claimed the lives of his parents.

The family reunion, however, does not go to plan. Bates, who is fast coming into his own as a purveyor of gothic black comedies about dysfunctional relationships, brings an unnerving and highly refreshing dynamic to the events that shape his characters and vice versa.

Culture Crypt's Ian Sedensky writes “Trash Fire is about confronting challenges in relationships, both romantic and familial, and the frightening honesty in its fiction can be unsettling to see.”
UK Horror Scene calls it “Dark as hell it is but at its black heart there is a certain warmth and believability to these fractured characters.”

Trash Fire premiered at Sundance.