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Bold new musical announces stunning filmmaker


Vendetta Films will release Bang Bang Baby on February 15. The film which has been described as a sci-fi musical will be made available on DVD.

Jane Levy (from Don't Breathe) is cast as Stepphy. She lives in a sleepy 1960s town with her alcoholic father. Stepphy dreams of escaping her dreary existence. She pines for a better life and fantasises of living in a world on the stage and screen. When rock star Bobby Shore's car breaks down in Lonely Arms it seems like her dream is about to come true.

But when Stepphy hears that the local chemical factory is leaking dangerous purple fumes that can cause spontaneous human mutations, she becomes obsessed with hiding these dark secrets from Bobby. The ugly reality of Stepphy's world increasingly encroaches on her fantasy of running away and becoming a star with Bobby – leading to an unavoidable clash.

The debut feature for talented director Jeffrey St. Jules, Bang Bang Baby premiered to acclaim at the Toronto Film Festival where it was hailed for its originality and unique blend of period atmosphere, style and melodrama. Appearing alongside Levy is Justin Chatwin as the stranded rock star and Peter Stormare (Fargo).

Acknowledging the influence of French director Jacques Demy the Toronto Film Scene observes “To describe Bang Bang Baby as simply a sci-fi musical is to do it a discredit. Much like the work of Demy, it is easy to dismiss as superficial, but to do so denies the complex thought that created this fantastic mutant hybrid of a film.”

Stephen Saito writing in Moveable Feast notes of St. Jules “for now, it's quite enough to have something as strange and satisfying in the world as his first feature, which is pretty much a delight from start to finish.”