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Explosive Tex-Mex crime thriller on the way early 2017


A film that grapples with real topical issues along the U.S.-Mexican border, The Hollow Point engages with modern geo-politics, immigration and the war-on-drugs while providing an explosive new entry into the crime genre. Eagle Entertainment will release Gonzalo Lopez-Gallega's feature film on Blu-ray and DVD January 4, 2017.

A botched arms deal results in a bloody massacre for members of a Mexican cartel on the outskirts of a border town in Texas. The retiring Sheriff (Ian McShane), a ruthless ornery hombre teams up with his younger replacement (Patrick Wilson), who has a dark past of his own, to investigate.

A cartel sicario (John Leguizamo) arrives in search of the missing money. He doesn't waste any time eliminating anyone who crosses his path. When the young lawman discovers his girlfriend is next on the hitman's list he must abandon his ideals to serve and protect in order to even the playing field.

Also starring Lynn Collins and Jim Belushi, as a desperate used car salesman, The Hollow Point packs together substantial and effective performances from its solid cast to hit the right notes of the convoluted and always unpredictable screenplay by Nils Lyew.

Andrew McCarther writing for The People's Movies calls it “a brutally entertaining thriller that allows McShane and Wilson to deliver.”

Alex Duffant at the Irish Film Critic describes The Hollow Point as “a visceral crime thriller that blends elements of the western, gothic and noir genres.”