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The charming Dough gets high on its own supply


Rialto Entertainment is releasing Dough, a British comedy-drama. Available on DVD the feel good film tells the story of an old Jewish baker struggling to keep his business afloat until his young Muslim apprentice drops cannabis into the dough and sends sales sky high. Dough is out December 7.

Directed by John Goldschmidt and starring Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones), Pauline Collins (Quartet), Phil Davis (Notes on a Scandal) and Jerome Holder as the young apprentice, Dough is escapist fare that “doesn't ignore today's realities but puts them through a prism of humour [sic]” per online US site Indiewire.

Once the grave plight of the bakery suddenly turns around Nat, unaware of the secret ingredients even lifts his ban on brownies, after sampling the challah bread. The film also features several subplots including a love triangle, the African immigrant Ayyash and his mother becoming homeless and the aggressive presence of Ayyash's drug dealer (Ian Hart) who seeks retribution.

“The picture effectively contrasts the former's being old, Jewish, white, British and middle-class with the latter's being young, Muslim, black, African and living hand to mouth,” notes Kam Williams of the New York Weekly News.

Tom Keogh in the Seattle Times writes that Dough is “always essentially entertaining and warm in its observations of hope rekindled through simple relationships.”

The New York Times observes the film is “sweet, often funny and always nonthreatening, a movie for those who wish the intractable realities of the world would just disappear.”