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Cutting edge drama highlights the ills of teen social media


Accent Film will release Amateur Teens, a hit at the Zurich Film Festival, where it was in competition and took home the audience award. Niklaus Hilber's drama will be made available on DVD December 7.

An ensemble piece, Amateur Teens explores the social and romantic tensions of a diverse group of Zurich high schoolers. Their daily life is shaped by social media and ever increasing sexualisation through advertising and online pornography.

Despite their normal yearnings for love and acceptance the constant pressures to be cooler and sexier increasingly forces the kids to deny their true feelings. Insecurities arise. Cyber bullying ensues.

According to Cineuropa the film excels in its depiction of, "The frenzied quest for often extreme experiences and social recognition at all costs is transformed through Niklaus Hilber's lens into a tragedy in which the boundary between victim and oppressor, guilty and innocent, is tragically permeable."

The young talented cast includes Beat Marti, Nicolas Heini and Zoƫ Pastelle Holthuizen. This is director Hilber's first theatrical feature since his 2006 comedy Cannabis.

Amateur Teens currently maintains a healthy 7.7 score on IMDB movie database.