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Archive for November 2016

Archive for November 2016

Touched with Fire offers a moving take on a love affair +


Executive produced by Spike Lee, Touched with Fire, is a unique love story concerning two poets with bipolar disorder who meet in a treatment facility, their chemistry together instant. Vendetta Films is releasing the drama on DVD December 7. Starring Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby, this dramatic feature from first time ... more

Cutting edge drama highlights the ills of teen social media +


Accent Film will release Amateur Teens, a hit at the Zurich Film Festival, where it was in competition and took home the audience award. Niklaus Hilber's drama will be made available on DVD December 7. An ensemble piece, Amateur Teens explores the social and romantic tensions of a diverse group of ... more

The charming Dough gets high on its own supply  +


Rialto Entertainment is releasing Dough, a British comedy-drama. Available on DVD the feel good film tells the story of an old Jewish baker struggling to keep his business afloat until his young Muslim apprentice drops cannabis into the dough and sends sales sky high. Dough is out December 7. Directed by ... more