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Tense small town thriller Heatwave on the way


French drama Heatwave will receive a release from Potential Films. Directed by Raphael Jacqulot the acclaimed and highly atmospheric thriller is out on DVD December 23.

Inspired by real events, Heatwave takes place in a quiet French hamlet whose surface tranquillity is disrupted by Josef Bousou, the son of a family of scrap merchants. His troubling antics provoke the villagers who soon single him out as a troublemaker, the source of many problems. He is also the perfect scapegoat.

The local mayor is inundated with complaints of petty theft, as they accuse Josef of disturbing the peace and general public nuisance. After he is arrested for harassing an old woman he is soon blamed for attacking a teenage girl and stealing the municipal water pump. As crops die and the farmers struggle in the drought this is a major disaster.

Once released hostilities against the boorish Josef boil over. When his family returns, after a night out, they discover Josef dead in their year. So begins an investigation by police into his murder.
Jacqulot creates an unnerving atmosphere grounded in a reality. The heat practically comes off the screen. So too does the rising tensions. The actors also rise to the occasion with Jean-Pierre Daroussin delivers a top notch turn.

“Marked by solid performances from a well grounded cast,” writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Noemie Luciani in her review for Le Monde observes that Heatwave is not a drama, it's a tragedy about loneliness in the company of others, collective blunders, the wisdom of the crowd.”

French with English subtitles.